Welcome! So glad to have you here! I am Jenn, an ACE-certified hoola-fit instructor and advocate for hula-hoop fitness. I have been obsessed with all things hula for a little over two years now. I specialize in making custom-made hula hoops. I started crafting hoops to help pay for my hula fitness certification and have continued to make them as a means to help provide beautiful and affordable hula hoops to anyone who is interested in them. Hula fitness classes can help you burn up to 420 calories per hour. Hula is an incredible total-body workout. What cardio machine do you use that also tones your core? Not a one! Well folks, wait til you try hula hooping! Mainstream fitness, in general, does not typically consider hula hooping to be an effective workout. As a former gym-aholic, I have made it my mission to prove the fitness industry's theory wrong & show you just how amazing a hula workout can be! PS: Did i mention my hoops fold up? Yupp! Game changing stuff! Check out my Facebook for a bunch of reels that may answer a lot of your questions! Please reach out with any questions! I am always happy to talk about hula with you!